Race For Life


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I’m running to beat cancer in the Clapham Race For Life 10k

Growing up I wasn’t a hugely sporty person. I loved working on the farm but in P.E., I sat at the side of the sports hall and gossiped. Since my undergraduate degree, I have realised the importance of getting out of the library and doing something. The alone time and the release of endorphins is a blessing after a day sitting, typing and thinking.

At first I didn’t take running very seriously but since starting my PhD I felt I needed another goal that was reachable and that I could push myself (but not my brain) towards. Weight loss is not my goal, but achieving something I didn’t think I could is.

After following the first few weeks of the NHS Couch to 5k programme, I realised I was actually a lot healthier than I thought. I was able to run even when the podcast told me to walk. I would just like to add here how fantastic the podcast and all the NHS fitness help is. I am eternally grateful for the support that the NHS put out there before we even get to hospital. In fact, I loved the podcast, the motivating comments and the advice throughout, so much that I am still using it but doubling it up.

With 6 weeks of the podcast, I’m running 8k in just under an hour. I am chuffed with myself. So, with this, I signed up to Race For Life 10k in May.

I find it quite hard to talk about the people close to me who have struggled with cancer. I’m running for my grandma, who beat the shit out of it and is now 94 and still living alone! I’m also running for those who weren’t so lucky and lost the battle. This run is a challenge for me and something that I can fist punch the air at the end but it’s also to raise money to beat cancer and to stop it taking our loved ones away.

Please support me by donating here.


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