A few pre-research thank-yous

With just over a month to go, the studies for my PhD are looming and I feel I should show appreciation to two particular people who have helped in the preparation for this.

My first shout-out goes to Alexandra Craft, a creative-writer, online journalist of music, literature, film and fashion and all around artistic genius of many trades freelancer. After trawling through the not-so-modest people of Fiver and PeoplePerHour, I asked Alex if she could have a go at drawing some outline pictures for my eye-tracking study. She was more than helpful, taking interest in the project and discussing a deadline of initial sketches. I was never skeptical having seen her paintings before but these drawings were perfect. Her fee was more than acceptable for the incredible work she did (especially for a PhD student’s bank account) with sketches, a meeting for amendments and delivery of final drawings before the deadline. Hats off to her professionalism, dedication and care taken in these drawings. There are two examples below which fit my brief of simple, outline pictures. To see my research and reason for these, have a look at my research page!

If you’re interested in Alex’s work or need some advice on new music to listen to or want a read of her blog, have a look at her website.

The second big thank-you I have to give is to Timothy Hutton. A Solutions Engineer at the start-up Decibel Insight, freelance website designer and my live-in partner, and he has done more than providing wonderful moral support. Tim has been the crux in designing and coding the website for my study. Despite living together, he has been professional and expert in working on the core of my PhD research implementing audio, click tracking, buttons and many other aspects of code that I didn’t even know you could do! Without this, I would be completely stumped and would probably be using a tedious and tiresome way to present my material (keep an eye on my research page to see this process that I’ll be using with the eye-tracker).

Please take a look at Tim’s website if you need a revamp of your own.

As my research continues there will be many more people to thank, mostly for putting up with me, but also for the support, ideas, motivation and encouragement. The list is already filling which I will save for my acknowledgments (gosh, am I looking forward to getting to the stage of writing those!) but I wanted to especially thank these two people to make these next few months of research and data collection possible.


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