Teaching materials

University of Greenwich

Essay Planning Screen Capture

University of Greenwich ESL – Cover (Friday 12-2pm) 

Week 9

ESL Conclusions

Week 10

ESL CoherenceCohesion

If you need the handouts, please email me.

Westminster Pre-Sessionals (Tottenham) 

Week 1

The take-away message from week 1:

Communication problems: things to avoid

PPT slides on Presentation Skills – the extra reading materials might help you! 

Presentation skills

Week 2

Video on essay: planning, note-taking and writing

Video Youtube Link

PPT slides on Plagiarism (remember, copying the slides is a plagiarism offence!!)


Week 4

PPT on presentations – student examples can be found on blackboard


Westminster Pre-sessionals (Oxford)

Extra Listening Practice: Language Learning

Listen to Tea with BVP

Here are the answers to the above listening task: Listen to Tea with BVP ANSWERS

Week 2

PPT slides on sources and reference managing 

Sources and references

PPT slides on paraphrasing – the links below may be useful for practising paraphrasing skills 




PPT slides on paragraphs 


Week 3

PPT slides on Descriptive vs. Critical writing

Descriptive and critical