PhD study

Thanks to all those students and colleagues that got involved with my PhD (both pilot and main study) research. All my data has been collected and I am in the process of analysis.

Please watch this space for future research.

Alongside my PhD research, HE pedagogies and teaching theories have been the focus of my research. Attempting to use the ‘Flipped Classroom’ in my foundation level seminar groups, I am currently interested in the differences between lecturer/student perceptions. I would appreciate some thoughts from you, whether you’re a student (UG or PG), a lecturer in HE, a teacher in TEFL or in secondary schools, on the following questions. Please leave comments in the below form.

When preparing assessments, do you consider how students will interpret the reasons for the assessment?

Do you think students are consciously aware of the reasons behind the assessments you create? (Or, as a student, are you consciously aware of the reasons behind the assessments you are given?) 

Do you arrange formative and summative assessments to promote or encourage each other or are they created separately? 

Do you think students (or, as a student, do you) perceive formative assessments as valuable as summative assessments? 

How do you ensure that tasks and assessments are perceived by students in the same way you intend them to be perceived? 

My PhD research:

I am currently using eye-tracking to measure L2 sentence processing before and after participants are exposed to a particular pedagogical intervention: Processing Instruction. With the contemporary nature of this online measurement, I am still creating and pre-testing materials. Once I have my materials ready, I will be in need of participants! Please contact me via the form below if you are interested in participating. Please include your native language and any second languages that you have, including how long you have been studying these languages.

n.b. The eye-tracking lab is situated at the University of Greenwich in London.