3MT at the University of Greenwich

So the University of Greenwich 3MT competition is coming around for another year. For any PhD students thinking of getting involved, here is a short review of my experience. A few years back in a PhD rep meeting we were discussing events we could run to create a better environment for PhD students to socialise … Continue reading 3MT at the University of Greenwich

It’s like running on a treadmill, you’re making progress but not going anywhere

...finally I could see the end and I had a goal. And, as I'm so organised, I was naively confident that I could meet this. Come on, I had four chapters written, half way through my fifth and my data was collected, and (half) analysed. Easy. No?

Why it was cheaper to buy a bike than use the Santander bike scheme.

Mid-June, rush-hour. The tube is roasting, my face is dangerously close to a man's armpit, I can't reach my headphones because someone is pressed up against my bag and I thought "there's got to be a better way". That morning, outside the university building, I saw a smiling gentleman push his Santander bike into the … Continue reading Why it was cheaper to buy a bike than use the Santander bike scheme.

Tenselessness Workshop – University of Greenwich

I was delighted to be part of the organising committee for the Tenselessness Workshop run by the Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education (CAROLE) at the beginning of this month. This workshop brought together a mass of internationally influential authors in Applied Linguistics for a 2-day event regarding Tense and Tenselessness. Day one, we … Continue reading Tenselessness Workshop – University of Greenwich